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Beyond The Brand Interview Series: Kristina Klaas

How She Created a Mission-Driven Business & How She Faces the Challenges of Entrepreneurship Welcome to the first interview for our new series, Beyond the Brand. In the coming months, you will get to sit down with your favorite cozy beverage and learn from the inspiring founders and creative minds behind brands that are making […]

Beyond The Brand

How to Find Your Brand Voice Without Stealing it

Is your brand voice really your voice?  You may be thinking, “Of course it’s my voice, I wrote it!”  Bear with me, we’re going to dive a bit deeper. Firstly, what exactly is your brand voice? Even if you think you don’t know what brand voice is, you could probably tell me how different brands […]

Brand Identity

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Trying to Find Your Brand Voice

Finding your brand voice is an essential step for growing your business. It can be difficult to know where to start. These 5 questions will guide you through the process of creating a voice that fits your brand and sticking to it. Do you have a brand voice? If you answered no or if you’re […]

Brand Identity

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