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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Service Providers

The day of love is right around the corner. It’s the season of paper hearts, boxes of chocolates, and handwritten love notes. It’s the time of year when we pause to appreciate the loved ones in our lives, whether it’s our partners, family, or friends. As our busy schedules fill to the brim with awe-inspiring clients, local business owners, and entrepreneurs, we realized we have yet another collection of people on our minds in which to celebrate come February 14th—our beloved service providers. We so appreciate our fellow graphic designers, photographers, interior designers, small business owners, and the list goes on. As a fun twist to Valentine’s Day, we figured we’d highlight five ways to support, share, and celebrate them.

Without further ado, here are five ways to show your service providers some love this month.

1. Leave a Review

This one’s simple, but helpful, nonetheless. Leaving a review for a service provider is one easy way to support them and express your gratitude for their work. After all, one review goes a long way in this digital age. The next time you complete a successful project with someone, take some time to write a personalized review (or answer their testimonial request!). Highlight how they made you feel, what they accomplished, or any little gleaming detail on the overall experience. Oftentimes, it’s these small details that set them apart in the industry and lend a unique perspective on their business for clients to come. Depending on the industry, it can be helpful to include emotive words like “thoughtful experience,” “you deeply understood my goals and values,” or, “I’m so excited to share our work.” These convey just how special your collaboration was, and in turn, just how your service provider served your needs.

2. Share the Love

Social media is an excellent tool. Why not use it? Here in the studio, we always like to give our clients and fellow service providers a shoutout, no matter what step we are in the process with them. Through the beauty of Instagram and other social media platforms, you can mention them in your story, link them in a post, or even have a special highlight dedicated to other businesses you love and wish to support. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the world of social media. While this seems simple enough, it’s truly small acts like this that could make all the difference for business owners. 

3. Remember the Little Things

Here in the studio, we love connecting with our clients and fellow business owners on a deeper level. Our partnerships go beyond convention, beyond transaction, and become something more—a wholehearted friendship. As with any friend, you celebrate them. You congratulate them on their milestones. The same can be said for your service providers, too. Pay attention to little details, like their birthday or any noteworthy news they share from their life, work-related or not. You can even have a special calendar dedicated to the birthdays of your clients and service providers. Not only does this forge a positive relationship between you, but you make them feel truly seen and valued. 

4. Feature Them on Your Website

Got a website? We’ve found it helpful to have a resources page (we actually have our very own in the works!), outlining all your favorite tools and relevant businesses you’ve partnered with. In this way, you can direct traffic from your page to theirs, too. This is helpful for you, for your audience, and for your service provider, too. Win, win! In this industry, it always helps to be transparent and showcase aligned businesses that we love and support. For example, if you own a copywriting business, you can have a page showcasing the graphic designer and photographer that helped provide the assets for your website. 

5. Go Live 

If you’re ready to go even further, consider hosting an Instagram live with your service provider. Of course, it’s important to consider if you’re both aligned and if this will be a mutually beneficial experience, but we’ve found this to be a fun, thoughtful way to shout them out and get both of your audiences involved. These kinds of creative partnerships are the way of the future, so why not highlight that? It’s likely that your audience members are curious to see the inner workings of your partnership, as they’d wish to head in that direction, too. As far as the structure goes, you could host a Q&A session, share your processes, highlight some fun facts, etc. 

No matter what you do, the point here is to take a little time out of your day to celebrate those in your life—even those who are part of your day job! We encourage you to surprise a service provider you love and shower them with all the compliments this month. It’s all about sharing the love and helping one another grow in their respective businesses. 

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