The RL Guide to Gifting With Intention -

The RL Guide to Gifting With Intention

The season of giving is here.

It’s the time of year for shopping lists, bustling holiday crowds, and snagging that perfectly quirky, elegant, or trendy gift for that friend you have in mind. For many, gift-giving is something of a sport, an opportunity to stretch your creativity to find the gift that will make your loved one squeal with joy and display with pride. While it’s a fun season to be sure, it can also be overwhelming. With so many options to pick from, not to mention the seemingly endless barrage of ads vying for attention, the season for gift-giving can quickly turn into a monotonous routine.

In an effort to keep this season as it should be—purposeful and all-around joyful—we’ve created the ultimate intentional gift guide so you can gift with purpose and enjoy the process, too, gift-giver.

As we’re dialing into this theme of intention, we’ve highlighted gifts that not only are fun, but speak to your loved one’s taste and personality. We’re breaking it down and showcasing some of our favorite gift ideas to dazzle your person. Let’s get started.

Gifts for Wining & Dining

For the home cook or the wine bar enthusiast, here are some of our top picks to create the tastiest meals.

Gifts for the Creative

Add a touch of beauty to your creative’s day with these artful pieces to display and love.

Gifts for the Home

Elevate the home with our selection of delicate goods for hosting—or lounging.

Gifts for Productivity 

Show the worker bees in your life how much you care with something that speaks to their dedication.

Gifts for Longevity

Treat your loved one to the luxurious spa day they deserve with these relaxing, good-for-you favorites.

Gifts for Experiencing

An experience speaks louder than words, and we’ve got some creative ideas to give (or experience yourself!).

To “wrap” things up (sorry, we had to), you can’t go wrong with a gift you’ve put some thought into. This is the season to slow down, evaluate what matters to you, and cherish what you love most—the friends and family that are with you through thick and thin. No pressure, no rush.

Just an intentional gift planning and giving experience that brings you some joy this season. We hope this changes your perspective a bit on this time of year and what giving really means.

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