Creating a Space That Inspires Creativity (Office Reveal) -

Creating a Space That Inspires Creativity (Office Reveal)

Let’s talk about the importance of creating a space that welcomes creativity for YOU and your business.

I recently came across an article on Medium that talks about making an office space through trial and error. It explained, “You could spend a long time creating the perfect environment but until you begin to create in it, you won’t know. So make space, make something, make a new space, make something else. But watch out for the trap of procrastination through perfecting your space before you begin.”

It also talked about embracing unique preferences, thinking about sounds in your creative space, and asking yourself what inspires you vs. what inspires other people.

Over the past few months, I felt the pull to recreate and redecorate my office. The space I spent soooo much time in writing, collaborating with my team and clients (virtual, of course), and using creativity to fuel my business. I felt that for so long, it was a space that my husband and I stored household items in. A place that was a makeshift second closet, guest bedroom-turned-office space since the pandemic. 

Ever since I went full-time in my business, it continued to play simply a room where I do my work. But now? I felt that it needed to become more.


A space that was reflective of my passions and interests. 

So, I made the decision I would infuse those exact things into this space so that it became more than a guest bedroom-turned-office and a space reflective of the copywriting studio I’ve built today. 

Throughout this process, I probably looked at one too many Pinterest boards and spent wayyy too long in an Instagram black hole looking for inspiration. What colors did I want to have in there? Not just on brand for my business, but for me? What did I value in a space for writing?

Over time, I realized a couple of aspects I knew I couldn’t create a space without. Those things were:

Natural Light

We get some pretty dark and gloomy days here in Oregon so I knew I didn’t want to bring in dark colors to enhance the gloom in this space. For instance, this meant hanging sheer off-white curtains and keeping our furniture and accent pieces pretty light, too.


I knew this wasn’t going to be the final iteration of this room (I can barely decide what to wear every day!), so keeping neutral colors a constant throughout this space was key for me. So if and when I do decide to make some tweaks down the line, I’ll have a good color palette to work with.

Cozy Yet Inviting Furniture

I took a LOT of clutter out of this room. We removed the couch that pulled out into a bed (sorry, future guests!) along with shelves that jutted out of the walls that felt like they were overtaking the room. This isn’t a big space, so I knew the pieces that we DID bring in were going to need to be intentional. Hello, boucle chair. 😍 This chair is everything I could ever want for reading, writing, and everything in between my work seshes.



Our fiddle leaf fig tree we so graciously named Herbert when we first got him several years ago now has a new home in the corner of my office. There’s something about having natural plants taking on their own life form in a room that can really bring a whole different energy to a space.


Inspiring Imagery

If there was one element thing that was lacking in my “old office,” it was inspiring imagery. Sure, a good Post-It note reminding me that I can do anything is great and all but it doesn’t really transport me to a different place or prompt creativity. For me, travel is a BIG part of my life—personally and professionally and I knew I wanted to bring some of that into this space. Now, instead of my old travel photos going to die in my iPhoto library, I’ve started printing them off to switch them in and out of my picture frames around my office. Right now, I have snapshots from previous trips around Oregon, Spain and Portugal. 


And just like that it feels completely different. Now it’s a space of reflection, openness, and warmth. I no longer dread locking myself in my office to put my head down and dive deep into a copywriting project. Now? I look forward to walking into my office day in and day out. 

It’s pretty amazing how big of an impact the slightest changes can have on your mind, body and your productivity. Check out this reel I made sharing even more details of the copy cave.

What is a non-negotiable in your workspace to keep you engaged and inspired?

Office Details for Inspiration: 




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