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Q&A: Meet The Studio’s Content Writer and PR Pro, Delaney

Over the past year and a half, Rachel Leslie Studio went from me and my laptop to a team of 3 dedicated team members and a whole lot of other hands on deck. From mentors and coaches to designers, photographers and operations experts, there are many people who keep this studio going (and of course a very supportive husband who puts up with my late night work sessions and reminds me to go outside and take a break every once in a while).

It’s always been a dream of mine to have a team of my own.

After years of agency and corporate life, good bosses and not so good bosses, I was so excited to have brainstorm sessions and team bonding the way I believed they should be. I feel so lucky that over the past year I’ve been able to slowly build a team around me that collaborates with me, supports my big ideas and allows me to stay creative, so together we can serve more brands that are changing the world. In this blog I turned the tables on the studio’s content writer and PR strategist, Delaney, and interviewed her about her role here at RL Studio and so much more. I hope you like this little peek behind the scenes about the people who help make ALL of this possible.



How did you and Rachel first meet?

Rachel worked at the agency where I interned in college. Even though we didn’t get to work together much on projects while I was there, we got to chat all about our travels over lunches and kept in touch after my internship ended and Rach moved onto her new role at Nike. 


What does your day-to-day look like with the studio and your own clients?

The best thing about what I do is that every day is different. As a content writer one day it might be a heavy writing day of newsletters, blog posts, or content calendars, another I may be head-down researching for a media list, developing a PR plan, or following up on pitches. Personally, I enjoy the variability I find it so helpful in staying motivated and inspired too. One of the things I love about working with Rachel is that the clients she works with are so aligned with my passions too, it makes it so easy to brag about her and her work in pitches!

Why is PR important to a business?

PR is all about showing, not telling. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful things a business can implement. PR allows you to get in front of the right people at the right time, build authority and credibility, without the investment of things like paid advertisements and get way more consumer trust. When someone sees a billboard they know the brand paid for that, but ith PR, there is a level of trust off the bat when a magazine, influencer or a celebrity shares how much they love a product—nearly instant credibility.

PR is often misunderstood and even as someone who works in this industry, I understand the confusion. The simple way I like to think of PR is that YOU know how amazing your business is, sharing your product, service or story just allows other people to see that, too. It’s like if you are known for having great lashes and telling your best friend what your favorite mascara is, they already trust you, so the likelihood of your friend buying that mascara versus one they saw an ad for on Hulu is much higher.

What are some tips for developing amazing content?

Content pillars are key! Creating content without a plan not only takes way longer than it needs to but also can get really muddled. Having a vision and clear messaging allows you to easily create content that speaks directly to your ideal client or customer, tells them who you are, what you do, and WHY you do it. 

For my clients, I like to batch out the entire month of social posts so it’s super easy to just schedule and add the perfect picture, it saves so much time. It’s amazing what a couple of hours of work upfront can save you throughout the month and it helps you stay consistent and on message. 

Another tip is saying your posts to a friend, family member, or team member before posting them. They know you best so if the voice you’re trying to write in is the same as your brand voice (not always the case!) this can be a great gut check.


When you’re not working in your business or in the studio on all things content and PR, where could we most likely find you?

Pandemics aside, when I’m not working you could probably find me strolling down the cookbook aisle of a fun bookstore, cooking, baking, or doing something outside.

I love to ski, go on good hike with friends, spend the day at the coast, or chill anywhere on the water depending on where I am in the world.

I’m also obsessed with finding the best restaurants wherever I am, so I can’t wait for things to open up more so I can find some new favorites (I am known for being able to find hidden gems and amazing restaurants almost anywhere, I guess it’s me hidden talent). And of course, I love to travel and I cannot wait to get back to it.

One thing you and Rachel both love is travel…so we have to ask you, where to next?!

I don’t know yet! There are so many places on the list that I can’t wait to visit now that things are opening up and getting back to “normal” here in the states. I’m heading back to Oregon for a few weeks will probably be first on my list this summer to see friends (and Rachel!), but in a dream scenario, I’d love to go to Japan since one of my best friends just moved to Tokyo.

The “must go” list is long and it just keeps growing. I’m hoping to knock a few off in 2021! 


How do you like to stay inspired?

Luckily, having clients in multiple industries and working on different projects for them really helps keep writer’s block at bay and creativity flowing. If I was only working with one brand on one type of copy I think I would get really burnt out. But when I am feeling a little stuck or just staring at a blinking cursor, I like to either shut my laptop, get outside and take my mind off of work or read articles from my favorite journalists to gain a new perspective or immerse myself in a different topic (ie: if I’m writing about entrepreneurship reading some articles from my favorite food writers can be helpful just to mix things up).

And there you have it! Our content writer and PR expert sharing all the things. To learn more about what Delaney is up to and her work, you can follow her on Instagram or subscribe to her newsletter where she interviews female food founders.

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