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10 Things About Brand Storytelling That’ll Surprise You

You’ve encountered stories all your life. 

Be it the elementary school teacher sitting you down in a circle and pulling out your favorite picture book, or the blurb you saw on the back of a bag of potato chips the other day, stories stick with us. 

What makes those moments stay in your memory is effective brand storytelling

It’s the ability to paint a narrative that your customer will remember because they were able to connect to it. Not only will they come back for your product or service, but they’ll return because they want to. 

Now when it comes to brand storytelling in today’s digital age, it can feel like a bit of a buzzword in terms of marketing lingo goes. What does it really do and why do businesses need it? We’re debunking all the myths right here, right now, with 10 things about brand storytelling you may not have known.

Here we go.

These are 10 things about brand storytelling you may not have known:

  1. It’s Not About You

    Sure, brand storytelling can be told through the lens of your business, but your target audience always has to be the main character of the story. Why should they care? Why should they listen to your brand story?  It’s gotta be about them. You want them to connect to the process and the product so make sure your story does that, too.

  2. Be Honest

    It’s important to be as authentic as possible when telling your story. Be as truthful across your business as you can! Don’t tell white lies because people can pick those up immediately. If they can trust your story, they’ll trust your product. The more real, honest, and truthful you are about your services, products or experiences, the more your audience is going to be able to resonate with them.

  3. Open Up Your Inner Circle

    Who doesn’t love being a part of an inside joke, right? There is an emotional connection to be made in brand storytelling. If the customer can feel like they know where you’re coming from and that you’re looking for more than just a dollar sign, they’ll buy-in.

  4. Focus On Helping Others

    If you can prove that you are looking at more than just the number at the bottom line, people are more willing to join. Make a connection with the community or related charity organizations with your brand storytelling. Profits are still a goal, but make the customer feel like they’re doing more than just giving corporation money.

  5. You Don’t Have to Use Words

    You don’t have to spin a whole yarn. Your brand can come to life through imagery. In today’s digital age, photos and simple video clips can say much more than a thousand words. Even better if you experiment with face-to-camera content such as Instagram Stories, Tik Tok videos or even Reels. This shows your audience a more personal side to your brand.

  6. Spill The Tea

    Brand storytelling is not just an elevator pitch. Let them understand who you are and hit the customer in the feels. If they associate your brand with a good sensation, they’ll be willing to come back.

  7. Watch Your Tone

    No, you’re not in trouble with your parents, but don’t talk down to your audience by just throwing out stats and numbers. Make them feel comfortable and give them a good reason to support your brand.

  8. Filters Can Be Good (And Bad)

    Go natural. People actually don’t mind seeing what’s behind the curtain. If you allow them to understand your process through brand storytelling, they may make a stronger connection and feel as if they’re a part of the family, too.

  9. You Can Have More Than One

    People and companies naturally change and grow. Think of your brand as a living, breathing entity. Utilize every aspect of your customer interaction from experiences, to ideas, behind-the-scenes developments, and so on—use each of these elements to nurture your brand story.

  10. It’s Gotta Be Everywhere

    It’s important to have a cohesive brand experience. Every aspect of your company should be related back to your story, your brand values, and why you exist. Be it the main page, the About Us, or your social media profiles, it should further the narrative and allow your customer to connect the dots. You want to make sure your customer is getting the same experience and impression of your brand or your brand story no matter where they “meet” you. 

If there’s one takeaway from this list, it’s that brand storytelling is essential to a profitable business and that brand storytelling can come to life in several different ways. 

So, you need help telling your brand story and making a connection? Explore my services page if you’re looking for help to uncover your brand story and effectively use it in your marketing strategy. 

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