How This Guest Experience Consultant + Nomad Stays Inspired -

How This Guest Experience Consultant + Nomad Stays Inspired

Not to sound like a broken record but storytelling is one of THE most powerful tools we have when it comes to marketing our business. Whether it’s your brand story, the story of a trip you went on or the stories you read about in books, good stories stick with us. 

But, if you are a creative person like me, you know that staying inspired can be challenging, right? I sat down with guest experience consultant, creative writer and nomad, Carolene Méli to talk about all things creative, inspiration, the power of storytelling, and our love of travel.

Here we go.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a Mediterranean-based guest experience consultant, creative writer and nomad just endlessly wandering around this beautiful part of the world. I come from events, entertainment and travel and am completely obsessed with creating impactful experiences. 

So it should come as no surprise to hear that my work involves me helping businesses improve the experiences they offer their guests. I have traveled to 42 countries and worked in 17 with a large part of those experiences coming from 10 years on tour with Cirque du Soleil. I also love languages and eating in beautiful, seaside restaurants.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Mediterranean Mindset?

I am deeply connected to the Mediterranean. My father is French, my grandparents are Spanish and French-Algerian and my surname has its origins in Malta. When I started travelling, something changed in me when I was here. 

I immediately felt lighter, happier, more free. I quickly realized that the Mediterranean had magic powers and it is now a part of everything I do – from where I travel and live, to the languages I speak and the way I write. When I began writing about my experiences here, I started receiving comments from people reading my words. They could feel themselves there and that feeling inspired them greatly. That’s when I knew I was onto something. 

3. What was the first poem you came up with for Mediterranean Mindset? What inspired you to write it?

Although I dabbled in creative writing before, it was a piece I wrote called ‘Villefranche,  you enchantress’ that really was a pivotal moment for me and stemming from that moment was a realization that I could transport anyone to the Mediterranean no matter where they were in the world. 

4. As a fellow writer, how do you stay inspired? How do you combat writer’s block?

The sea. Honestly, I truly believe that the sea is all I need to write well. I am location independent professionally, so I get to choose where I live. Being near the sea is one of my prerequisites. Always.

5. How are you staying creative in your work during COVID?

I am very lucky being based in the Mediterranean as I have still been able to move around relatively freely. It is definitely something that I have not taken for granted and it is what has allowed me to remain motivated and creative during this time. 

I have also made significant efforts to actually slow down with my ideas and think more deeply and intentionally about one before moving on to the next. This is something that doesn’t necessarily come natural to me but I have found it hugely beneficial in increasing my productivity and producing work that I am ridiculously happy with.

6. What are your thoughts on storytelling? How do you incorporate storytelling into your work?

My goal with my writing is to immediately transport the reader off the page and the only way that I am going to achieve that is through telling a beautiful story. 

I need to find a way to immediately connect with them and then I use that element to then whisk them away. Whether I am writing for Mediterranean Mindset or for my work as a guest experience consultant, I am 100% always focused on the experience I am creating. My brand would be nothing without this kind of storytelling.

7. For someone who’s aspiring to become a better writer, what’s one tip you’d give them?

Think in moments. 

What moment are you trying to create for your reader? How are your words going to impact them? What are your words going to make them feel? You don’t have to have the answers right away, but these questions should continually circle around you as you write.

8. Anything else you’d like to share?

I am working on turning Mediterranean Mindset into a beautiful poetry book and by this time next year you will be able to find it in small, idyllic boutiques around the world. Keep your eyes peeled! 

To stay up to date on Mediterranean Mindset’s latest musings, you can follow along here.

More Ways to Work With Caro

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If you’ve been feeling uninspired lately or wanting to build a better story for yourself and your business, I hope Caro’s insights help you feel excited about storytelling and invigorate you to get writing. If you need help finding your brand story or are feeling a creative block let’s connect and talk about how I can help. 


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