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Why a Messaging Strategy is Your Best Asset

All brands have different needs but if there’s ONE thing that every business owner should have it’s a clear and comprehensive messaging strategy.

Have a great product? Amazing!

Offer incredible service? Awesome!

I’m sorry to break it to you but none of that matters without a messaging strategy to back it up.

You may be thinking: what even is a messaging strategy? What does it include? Here’s the deal:

A messaging strategy guides you and creates intention behind EVERY piece of content you put out there. It allows you to have clear expected outcomes with every social post, email or blog and allows you to bring on team members who can quickly understand the messaging of your brand and execute accordingly.

The bottom line is it has to be intentional and you shouldn’t post just to have something up there, it should always have a purpose behind it.

Think of each channel and piece of content as one more opportunity to engage with your target audience, build your brand credibility and increase your leads.

And the best way to do that is when you include strong messaging or copy in your….

  • social media captions and bios
  • emails
  • blog posts
  • and in every possible way you interact with others online (comments, IG Stories, messages)


Having a cohesive messaging strategy helps you position your brand to tell your story across a landscape of channels.

It helps your viewers draw parallels between what’s important and what your brand stands for. It ensures that they’re never unsure of what you do because it’s crystal CLEAR.

Your messaging helps your viewers build a human connection with your brand whether it’s inspirational, educational, humorous and so on.

So, how do you make sure your content and your messaging are showing up with intention?

  • Conduct an audit to understand if there’s any gaps or disconnection between how you want to be perceived and how you’re currently being perceived. From bios, to taglines, mission statements and even email sign-offs. Is it cohesive? Does one support the other?
  • Create a messaging doc: This is where you can house your elevator pitches, mission statement, brand stories, taglines and more all in one place. Share this with your team, turn to this regularly and keep it updated. Think of this as your brand dictionary.
  • Every time you hit publish or come up with a new campaign ask yourself: Is this supporting the greater vision for my brand? If the answer is no, refer to your messaging doc and make updates.

Your messaging can be powerful when it’s one cohesive message and it’s showing up in all the right places. Creating a messaging guide allows you to ensure that every piece of content you release has a purpose, more than just filling up a feed. You need to show up for your audience in a way that is true to your brand and your goals. 

So, are you ready to create messaging that moves mountains?

If you’re looking to up-level your messaging strategy, head to my services page to learn more.

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